Our Story

For over 25 years, we have been delighting New Yorkers, dining in our restaurants, with our delicious, homemade and one-of-a-kind desserts.

It all began when an overwhelming amount of our restaurant patrons started asking us for our popular Original Cheesecake, to be put in to-go containers. Our creamy cheesecake did NOT travel well, and turned into a gooey mess once our customers got around to eating them at home! We started to brainstorm ideas of how to make it more to-go friendly without compromising the integrity of the desserts, and finally decided to start baking it in reusable jars.  

Since then, we have developed 9 unique flavors, free of artificial colors or preservatives, and made with fresh local ingredients. All of our desserts are handcrafted individually, baked in our brick oven, then cooled and sealed with love!

We are currently operating inside of our “Bakery Speakeasy” located inside of Lexington Pizza Parlour in East Harlem. Our desserts can be found in various locations throughout NYC. We are ecstatic to FINALLY be shipping our jars to dessert lovers far and wide! 

We hope you enjoy your jars of happiness as much as we enjoy making them for you. 


The HBCo Family


Help us save the planet! For every 5 empty HBCo jars you return to us, get one jar of happiness of your choosing for FREE!

Drop off at Lexington Pizza Parlour on 101st and Lexington Ave.

We love seeing your creative ways of reusing our jars! Tag @harlembakingco so that we can feature you on our page!